• If you are looking for the best io games to Play at Home During Quarantine then you should know some facts abt .IO Games. In .io games, io is just a domain name it has nothing to do with games. More in this we found io stands for Indian Oceans only. Like all other websites have domain extension this also has one.  Many people think that io stands for input/output but that is not true in this case.



    Io games are very popular nowadays and these games are very easy to play. You do not have to worry about so many things if you want to play these games. You just an internet connection and a decent computer or smartphone. No need for high config computer or anything else. 


    Best .io Games

    Here we have made one personalised list of 25 Best io games. In this list, we have tried to keep only the best io games. If you feel that any io game which is the best and we forgot to mention in this list you can comment down we will add that into our list.


    1. AGAR.IO 

    Best io Games which you can play forever

    Agar.io is a multiplayer online action game. In this game, the players need to control one or more cell in the map. The main objective of the player is to eat small circles to gain mass. Once your circle is huge enough you can split in half. 


    It is an online video game available for Android, iOS, and web browsers. Like a snake you roam around and eat the light balls to grow longer and longer. Slither.io is a simple game which can be easily played by everyone. 

    3. ZOMBS.IO 

    Make a base and keep your hoard safe from zombies. Each wave of zombies gets larger and stronger. 

    4. WINGS.IO

    This is a super fun game which you cannot miss. In this game, you need to control your plane and shoot the other players plane to earn points. If you win the game you will be crowned. All the players want to win the game so make sure you control your plane properly and earn points.

    5. FLAAP.IO 

    In Flaap.io unblocked game you need to make sure your bird does not fall on the ground. On the way, you need to avoid touching pipes also. Pass more pipes without getting touched and get more points.

    6. DIEP.IO  

    Diep.io is an online multiplayer game available for Android, iOS, and Web browsers. If you like shooting games then this game is for you. You need to control your tank and shoot other players and earn more points. 


    In this game, the players crush each other with the spinning balls. You start with a small start as a ball and you run around the map to get the food. Slowly your death all size gets bigger which then you can throw at other players. 

    8. GARTIC.IO 

    In this game, one player makes a designated word and the other player should guess what word it is. You can play this game in many different languages.

    9. WARBOT.IO 

    Warbot.io games have 3D graphics. The players march through the battlefield, engaging other enemy fire. Get the powers and win the game.

    10. GATS.IO

    All the players need to choose their weapons and armour and then they kill each other down. All the weapons have different advantages and disadvantages. 


    If you have ever played Surviv.io then this game is much similar to that. In Zombs Royale you can play solo, duo or squad also. Not only this if you have ever played any battle royal games like PUBG or Freefire then you will enjoy this a lot. It is just an io version of that games.

    12. DEEEEP.IO 

    Like all other io games in this also you will have to eat all cells and your object will grow faster. But in Deeeep.io you will get to see the underwater environment. In this, you will just have to use your mouse to move your object.


    Starblast.io is an online game where you need to shoot asteroids and other players to collect crystals. The crystals which you collect will help you to upgrade your ship, buy new ship and will also help you to buy lives. It is an arcade shooting game.


    Superhex.io is a mobile game which you can play online with millions of other players. Collect your cells and create a powerful hexagonal snake. It is a fun challenging game. Move your snake and collect cells as much as you can and make sure you don’t get hit.

    15. PAPER.IO 2

    It is an online multiplayer game. Paper io 2 is a popular game among the best IO games. You need to expand your area as much as you can. You can also steal space from other players by using your paper block.

    16. WORMAX.IO

    This game is definitely a fun one to play. Your goal is to make your snake/worm bigger and bigger. You need to control your worm, eat food, and become the largest work by defeating other players.

    17. WORMATE.IO

    The worms in this game are so hungry so you need to make them eat sweets, donuts, and cakes. By eating the size of the worm increases and becomes stronger. Cut off other players worms by crashing their heads into your worm’s body.

    18. EVOWARS.IO

    It is one of the best fighting game ever. Challenge the other players and become a legend. In the fantasy world, you need to control the deadly warrior and attempt to kill your enemies. When you kill an enemy the length of your sword will be increased.

    19. EATME.IO

    Eatmeio is an underwater adventure game. You need to survive deep in the ocean water by eating fish and battle with other players. 

    20. MOPE.IO 


    Mope.io is a very easy game to play here you will have to choose any creature in the first round as soon as you eat the circles or objects your creatures size will get increased. Mope.io has a level-based system so once you eat some objects you will get an upgrade so you can go to the next arena with a new creature.


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